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Review Game Red Dead Redemption 2

If Red Dead Redemption is vast, then Red Dead Redemption 2 also overwhelms the player with its extremely large size. New Austin and West Elizabeth states were brought back from the original version. In addition, West Elizabeth was expanded to add new locations.

The landscape in the game is also very cleverly designed, depending on the terrain area, combined with the day and night system. Surely the game will bring beautiful frames to show off to everyone.

Besides, the weather system and climate also bring another way to the landscape in the game, making the American West more vivid than ever. When winter, when it is cold, the characters in the game will wear sweaters, fur coats, the path will be covered with snow.

And you can see more clearly the horse’s footprint, the snow layers are also covered with real players. I have never experienced the weather system and climate described in such detail until I enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2.

The most remarkable thing is the authenticity that the game brings to the player. The writer had the opportunity to spend two days observing each behavior. And behavior of the Van der Linde gang characters as well as the people in the towns.

At first glance it sounds pointless and time-consuming. However, thanks to this observation, the writer greatly admires Rockstar Games because of what they built. The members of the Van der Linde crew, are always active and talkative, whether they see you or not.

Usually, the characters talk to each other about past events, gang-related events, or just chat. If Arthur appeared, they would turn to look at Arthur and then have a little chat with him, about the things they had done with him before.

Sometimes, participating in and listening to conversations lead to unexpected situations where they will ask the player to something. Someone will pay you well when you do the work for them.

It is not only the members of the Van der Linde crew that are favored in building such details, other characters. Even the unknown characters are focused by Rockstar Games.

MapleStory is about to have an epic expansion

These are focusing on storylines and a collection of new weapons and objects. Nexon America Inc. just revealed one of the most epic expansions in the history of the MapleStory game.

With the Masteria continent added to Maple Story, it brings a whole new game experience to online gaming products. It is loved in North America with more than 5.9 million players.

Beta Impressions: MapleStory Rolls Out the Pathfinder | MMO Fallout

The expansion will also give pets an additional skill and improved user interface with language filter updates and other additional features.

MapleStory has over 87 million players worldwide thanks to its great online worlds. One of the most familiar locations in MapleWorld is the continent of Masteria. Here players will have the opportunity to explore the expanded Phantom Forest. That’s filled with leprechaun, wraith, Headless Horseman and a new boss monster, Bigfoot.

MapleStory’s popularity has led to the opening of a new server, Yellonde. To celebrate this event, Nexon will reward the top 75 players of the first month with exciting rewards. You can go to NPC Goldstein to create new characters, whose occupations correspond to 5 types of jobs of the old classes.

In addition to adding a new continent, MapleStory offers a second installment of Summer Break events. That’s including two compelling event videos. Participants can win a large number of rewards.

MapleStory Singapore Scammer Jailed For 3 Months

It can be said that this new class is the sum of the previous 5 classes. Nexon – Korea has just introduced sketches of the sixth class in its online game Maple Story. This latest class of characters is called Knights of Cygnus.

Thus, in the coming time, Maple Story will have up to 6 character classes. These include the Warrior, the Magician, the Bowman, the Thief, the Pirate, and the Knights of Cygnus. Currently the Dwarf Mushroom version has only the first 4 classes of characters.

Bioshock Infinite Plot – Each choice is a world

Bioshock Infinite has a thrilling and unique plot comparable to the leading blockbusters such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne. However, to understand the plot of the Souls series, every gamer must play the game over and over at least 3 times. So is Infinite Bioshock.

Booker DeWitt was taken to a lighthouse in the Gulf of Maine by Robert Lucete and Rosalind Lucete. Quietly set foot on Columbia but Booker was immediately pursued by police forces after they discovered Booker DeWitt.

This is a symbol of the prophecy of Columbia prophet and leader Zachary Comstock. Becoming a wanted man, Booker slowly finds his way to Monument Island where Elizabeth is imprisoned in a tower.

Booker later discovered Elizabeth’s ability to open cracks in space and time. This power was used by Elizabeth as a child, so she could look into parallel realities. They take her to thrilling adventures that ordinary people never experience.

While Booker freed Elizabeth from the tower, Songbird was agitated and chased after the two. Escaping from Songbird, the couple managed to reach First Lady’s Aerodrome – a floating cable car system that could bring them to The First Lady.

They wanted to board the ship to escape. Because Booker had previously promised to bring Elizabeth to Paris – the city of love that she always wanted to be.

However, as soon as Elizabeth found out that Booker was taking her to New York. And he handed over to Robert Lucete and Rosalind Lucete to pay off the debt. Leads to Elizabeth fainting Booker DeWitt to flee.

Upon awakening, Booker became aware that the ship had been taken by Daisy Fitzroy’s Vox Populi. Daisy Fitzroy promised to return the aircraft if Booker took back a package of weapons captured by Columbia troops. Booker later found Elizabeth.

Using her power, Elizabeth confounded things from other parallel dimensions into reality. Suddenly Booker DeWitt became a hero for the sake of sacrifice

Fortnite game is also officially on Google Play completely free

Fortnite is not a strange game for gamers, especially those who love the genre of survival. This is a game that makes a huge difference compared to other similar genres like PUBG or Free Fire.

However, Epic Games has recently announced that Fortnite will be officially on Google Play. This news can be a big surprise for gamers.

Sau tất cả, Fortnite cũng chính thức được lên Google Play hoàn toàn miễn phí - Ảnh 2.

That means Epic Games will pay Google the 30 percent cut that the Play Store is required for all in-app purchases. The Epic’s CEO, who is Tim Sweeney, is a strong critic of both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

To put it simply, downloading APK files of Fortnite to your device will be warned by Android that could be malware. This makes this game difficult to reach a large number of users, although downloading and installing this APK file is completely normal. Epic Games finally has to accept to get its game on Google’s app store.

That is one of the reasons Epic Games is determined not to bring Fortnite to Google Play in recent times. Accessing the App Store app store is required because installing an external software on the iOS platform is always a lot harder than Android. Especially for players, the download of external software and installation is always a hindrance.

Sau tất cả, Fortnite cũng chính thức được lên Google Play hoàn toàn miễn phí - Ảnh 3.

But, after all, Google is still the winner. Because for the majority of common users, downloading the application via the official download store of the platform is always the number one priority for them. Therefore, like it or not, the official Fortnite to Google Play is still a thing to do if Epic Games wants this game to reach more gamers.

Currently, players can download Fortnite on the App Store and Google Play app stores completely free of charge.

The reasons why survival games still thrive

For a long time, the survival games stormed and enjoyed a lot of players. Why do we like the chaos of survival games? More importantly, why are we so patient with it, no matter how many failures? Let’s ponder and find out the reason behind the relentless development of survival games.

Diverse games like Minecraft, Resident Evil 7 and Conan Exiles are typical names in changing the way people still think about survival games. Although these experiences are linked to traditional horror themes. A handful of survival games have also tried to include richer, more diverse elements.

Những lí do khiến các tựa game sinh tồn vẫn phát triển mạnh, bất chấp đã out meta từ lâu - Ảnh 3.

Subnautica for example, this game introduces players to a beautiful world of alien worlds. Players must not only regulate the supply of oxygen but also have to dive deep into the ocean to find resources useful for their survival.

The dangers and mysterious sea creatures are also waiting to devour the player, creating tremendous obstacles for survival. Regardless of their general setup, all survival games rely heavily on one adventurous component.

Instinctively, we create thinking hats and start building a plan in the game. How to survive? How do I build myself a shelter? What do I need to do to create a warm fire in freezing weather? Most importantly, where can I find food?

Những lí do khiến các tựa game sinh tồn vẫn phát triển mạnh, bất chấp đã out meta từ lâu - Ảnh 2.

If we are truly trapped in a post-apocalyptic world, we need to acquire the knowledge needed to survive. The survival game describes similar cases. They force players to give up their comfort in reality whether they like it or not.

The survival game offers players a free experience in the vast world through exploration. There are many diverse methods for players to test the game for their survival. All through freedom of experience, freedom of learning and creation.

A good part of the game’s puzzle pieces will be assembled by the player. Of course, being knowledgeable is a long process, nothing accidentally falls into the palm of your hand. Just make a mistake, then the time will come to success. That’s why this genre is so addictive.

The ultimate Undead Horde fighting game is officially available to gamers

The 10ton are brought the Undead Horde game to the Android platform after its follow to iOS in October. Undead Horde has previously been released on various platforms. And the PC release has become the manufacturer’s fastest selling release on Steam.

If you’ve never heard of the Undead Horde, it’s a great combination of the RTS and ARPG genre where you play the role of a necromancer. Basically able to fight on its own to defeat enemies with devastating attacks.

However, the power of a necromancer is not limited to just that. If you want to become even stronger, you can increase the number of minions undead after defeating them. Undead Horde can be talked as well as Pikmin or Overlord game. This is where your army will follow you throughout the battlefield and will attack anything you request.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Undead Horde

There are also various weapons that your necromancer character can use to explore. This can determine the extent to which you want to focus strength on the characters’ minions.

Undead Horde also has a few RPG elements that allow you to upgrade your character’s abilities. For example, you can increase the number of undead that you can control at the same time. The game allows you to lead a larger army and thus is stronger in number.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Undead Horde

Undead Horde is now published on Google Play and App Store. It is a premium game, being discounted to celebrate the launch. Prices will vary by region in many countries.

It’s like an apology for a delayed release. And when the time is up, it will cost $ 9.99. But at the moment, you will be able to receive it for 40 or 50 percent off depending on the country.




Candidates for the championship CS: GO IEM Katowice 2020

Owning to two of the best players in the world, S1mple and Electronic. But Navi’s performance in 2019 is really disappointing and a StarSeries i-League Season 7 championship is not enough for fans to be satisfied.

2019 is also the year marking Navi making a dramatic change when two old brothers Edward and Zeus left the team. It ceded the position to the young IGL Boombl4 and GuardiaN. In theory, this is a dream squad for Navi with a combination of the individual skills of young talents and the experience of the seniors. But GuardiaN during his time with Navi was no longer in his old form and became a burden for his teammates.

Những ứng cử viên cho chức vô địch CS:GO IEM Katowice 2020 (Phần cuối) - Ảnh 4.

After a series of disastrous performances, GuardiaN was benched and Navi brought in the young Perfecto talent. This new roster quickly proved its strength with a very convincing performance at the last BLAST Premier Spring Series with the top position in Group B. Directly eliminating the No. It caused the Danes to compete in the Showdown round.

Những ứng cử viên cho chức vô địch CS:GO IEM Katowice 2020 (Phần cuối) - Ảnh 5.

Navi members are in good shape with the shine of Electronic star duo – S1mple, Flamie and Perfecto. They are still playing shoulder to shoulder, while Boombl4 also shows progress in the IGL position through each tournament. Although Navi still has a lot of work to do such as improving teamwork ability or improving map pool. But the S1mple monster and allies will definitely be a formidable opponent.

Fnatic currently ranks 4th on the rankings of the prestigious HLTV news site and is a candidate for the championship. But the Fnatic members still lack a bit of bravery and personal shine in important matches. The road to the IEM Katowice championship will certainly be tough. The last 2 months of 2019 was also a successful time for EG when they won a championship cup

Why does the game have such a strong attraction

First, many current games have absolutely no end. Once upon a time, the game ended as soon as you completed the mission. Nowadays, the game has an open world that allows players to stay and continue playing even after they finish the story.

Besides, the online battle game series allows multiple players to fight on 1 map at the same time. The battle ends only when one side wins the battle but there is no concept of complete ending. This is one of the categories that attracts the most players in the world today. With hundreds of millions of accounts created, every time there are always 13-14 million gamers are fighting online.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vì sao game có ma lực mạnh đến vậy

The addictive mechanism in the game is actually very simple psychological tricks. One of them is to simulate the reward mechanism available in the brain. Normally, when we get to work, we often feel fulfilled when we finish.

The game also creates a similar mechanism by linking the task set with an attractive reward. Rewards can be points, skills or items, beautifully designed with special effects that make us feel surprised and excited.

Gamers leave that impression in their minds, so they want to experience this feeling of excitement again. After the first screen, the game usually takes a long time to get the reward, causing the player to gradually increase the amount of time to play the game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vì sao game có ma lực mạnh đến vậy

From there, the player accepts the quests and completes them unconsciously. At the same time, the difficulty of the game also increases. This requires gamers to focus and practice more to be able to complete the assigned task. At this point, from a different perspective, are people playing the game or vice versa, the game is ordering people? From where did mere entertainment become subconscious?

In the role-playing game, each time you kill an enemy monster or champion, players usually receive a gift worth commensurate with the difficulty of the challenge. This creates excitement, prompting players to try to play more.