Review Game Red Dead Redemption 2

If Red Dead Redemption is vast, then Red Dead Redemption 2 also overwhelms the player with its extremely large size. New Austin and West Elizabeth states were brought back from the original version. In addition, West Elizabeth was expanded to add new locations.

The landscape in the game is also very cleverly designed, depending on the terrain area, combined with the day and night system. Surely the game will bring beautiful frames to show off to everyone.

Besides, the weather system and climate also bring another way to the landscape in the game, making the American West more vivid than ever. When winter, when it is cold, the characters in the game will wear sweaters, fur coats, the path will be covered with snow.

And you can see more clearly the horse’s footprint, the snow layers are also covered with real players. I have never experienced the weather system and climate described in such detail until I enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2.

The most remarkable thing is the authenticity that the game brings to the player. The writer had the opportunity to spend two days observing each behavior. And behavior of the Van der Linde gang characters as well as the people in the towns.

At first glance it sounds pointless and time-consuming. However, thanks to this observation, the writer greatly admires Rockstar Games because of what they built. The members of the Van der Linde crew, are always active and talkative, whether they see you or not.

Usually, the characters talk to each other about past events, gang-related events, or just chat. If Arthur appeared, they would turn to look at Arthur and then have a little chat with him, about the things they had done with him before.

Sometimes, participating in and listening to conversations lead to unexpected situations where they will ask the player to something. Someone will pay you well when you do the work for them.

It is not only the members of the Van der Linde crew that are favored in building such details, other characters. Even the unknown characters are focused by Rockstar Games.