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Dragons appear in the world of One Piece

If you’re a longtime One Piece fan, you’re probably wondering why there are so many types of dragons appearing. In the world of One Piece, dragons are creatures used and mentioned a lot whether it is its name or its power. Here are the facts about dragons in the One Piece world.

As revealed in SBS One Piece episode 47, one of Eiichiro Oda’s fascinating one-shot stories is the story of Ryuma’s past. Specifically, in the past Ryuma slashed a giant dragon and became a legend in Wano.

It turns out the story of “Dragon Slaying Hero” is not just a myth that actually exists. Because the context of Ryuma’s story in Monsters is the past about the One Piece world. They show that dragons are not real mythological creatures.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho rồng One Piece

One Piece world today also has dragons but is a creature created by the scientist Vegapunk. This dragon first appeared in the Punk Hazard arc, witnessed by Luffy and his friends.

It was here that they met Kin’emon for the first time. There were two dragons shown at Punk Hazard, one slashed by Zoro and the other defeated by a combination of Brook and Kin’emon.

Vegapunk’s dragon was created to protect Punk Hazard. It was once an island of scientists, including Vegapunk. Unfortunately due to the toxic disaster in Punk Hazard, the dragon was eventually abandoned.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho rồng One Piece

Dr. Vegapunk doesn’t just stop at artificial creatures, he also creates artificial Zoan Devil Fruits that turn those who eat it into dragons.

Unlike the SMILE fruit, the Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk can really help users transform like eating a real Zoan. Evidence is that Momonosuke after eating the wrong fruit of Vegapunk can turn himself into a dragon.

Tenryuubito is known as World Nobles, they are descendants of the twenty kings who founded the World Government. The name Tenryuubito in Japanese means Sky Dragon. In other words, the name Tenryuubito also contains the “dragon” element in its name.