Fighting Console Games

The controllers of standard consoles tend to make them perfect for fighting games. Typically the arrow buttons would be used to control the direction of the character onscreen, as well as make them jump. Meanwhile, the other buttons would control combat moves such as punching and kicking. Most games in this genre involve combo moves which deal extra damage.

The Pokemon Series

In this Japanese video game franchise, players collect strange creatures known as Pokemon and then use them to fight. Each Pokemon type will have its own unique abilities and weaknesses. Over time these creatures will level up to become stronger, giving them an edge during fights. Several Pokemon games are available on console platforms. New titles continue to be released annually.

Marvel vs Capcom

Players get to battle some of the best characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes together. Crossover fighting games are becoming increasingly popular, and this one stands out as a highlight. Choosing the right character to go against an opponent is the key to winning. So too is being able to button mash effectively.

Mortal Kombat

Few fighting series are as iconic as Mortal Kombat. It is well known for the brutal finishing moves which come at the end of a round. The loser will tend to be dispatched in a bloody fashion such as being decapitated or eviscerated. Certain characters such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero are now icons in the gaming world.

Street Fighter

Back in the days of video game arcades, Street Fighter was a very popular title. It was later ported over to consoles such as Nintendo and became a beloved classic of the genre. There is a multiplayer mode where two people can pit their skills against each other. There is also a solo story mode which can vary in difficulty.