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Introducing the funny Slap Kings game

If you have ever enjoyed watching the Siberian Power Show, Slap Kings will definitely be a suitable mobile game for you to entertain.

Slapping is a human act used to vent anger on others. However, slaps have become an inspiration to become a sport and have a separate tournament in Russia. It was the “Male Slapping Championships” under the Siberian Power Show. This is a famous sports program held in Krasnoyarsk.

However, if you do not have the courage to participate in or follow such a competition, you can enjoy it through the mobile game Slap Kings from Gameguru.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Slap Kings

Slap Kings is a very funny casual game and there is no tutorial to get started. It doesn’t even have a basic tutorial, right from the start the player will be thrown into the match immediately. This game simulates what happens in a slap competition. You control your character to take part in a 1vs1 duel.

Both sides will slap each other in the face in turn until one side loses. Criteria determine win – lose based on the character’s score bar. The side that runs out of points, of course loses. After the match, the winner will receive an ingame gold reward.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Slap Kings

Controls are very simple, you just need to touch the screen at the right time to make a slap on the opponent. The timing of the slap will determine how much “damage” you cause as the force bar will constantly move in an arc orbit. Each side will have a blue bar at the top to display the character’s HP. If the bar reaches zero first then that party loses.

Overall, the gameplay of Slap Kings looks violent but in fact what happens very humorous. Besides, the sound from the cheers and cheers of the viewers also makes the contest more exciting and realistic.