Team-Based Online Games

There has undoubtedly been a big increase in the number of games which emphasise the necessity of teamwork. Multiplayer games are popular for several interesting reasons. They allow for a more exceptional social experience than solo games. Being able to interact with real people can also be more challenging than competing against predictable A.I. Several team-based online games are worth seeking out.

Left 4 Dead

This is one of the more challenging examples. Each team must survive many waves of zombies and other nightmarish monsters. Everyone must work together to ensure that they are not overrun. Splitting up will often result in players dying prematurely. This encourages teams to stick together and face the challenge as a unit.

Team Fortress 2

There are several different exciting modes in this game including capture the flag and team deathmatch. Each member of the team must choose their role wisely. There are numerous character types, such as medics and spies. To maximise the chances of winning it is best to have a wide range of types all on one team.

Call of Duty: WW2

Set during World War 2, this game depicts several exciting battles from the era. Often users will utilise voice chat to come up with ways to outsmart opposing teams. Communication is essential as it will give players an edge during rounds. Being able to revive wounded comrades also encourages cooperation.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a football game where users control fast cars. They must use these vehicles to transport giant balls into a goal zone. The basic rules are just the same as standard football. Therefore, each team member is assigned a pitch role such as striker, defender and goalkeeper. If players go rogue and disregard their role in the team, then it can cause them to lose.