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Army Men Strike game with the creation of characters are plastic soldiers

Army Men Strike, or the plastic soldier, is a video game series made by 3DO Company, and later by Global Star Software. Adapted quite closely with the original version, Army Men Strike gives players the opportunity to continue the journey to collect the little green toy soldiers. And they continue your unfinished adventure in this engaging real-time strategy game.

Accordingly, in the game you have the task of leading soldiers, remote control aircraft, rubber ducks, fighting robots and many other toys in the fierce RTS battles. Defend your bedroom, corridor, living room and backyard against the evil Legion’s army and test your battle tactics against other players around the globe.

Tải xuống Army Men Strike Beta miễn phí

The Army Men Strike mobile game also brings the familiar experience of the old Army Men series. They combine real-time strategy and tower defense, control resources and build base simulation. All gathered in a single game.

If you want to find a new, unique, but equally challenging feeling. Army Men Strike Mobile will provide players with toy soldiers. They build partners and compete to create their influence in the game.

Army Army Strike graphics is not a bad game. It includes outstanding innovations that recreate the plastic soldiers used by children. The fact is that in our tests we have verified that everything works very well. And, even, this is so in a device with only two gigabytes of RAM and a quad-core processor.

Army Men Strike - tựa game chiến thuật lính nhựa cực kỳ quen thuộc

With a piece we like, because it fits the theme and using all the options is simple. Because it’s on the touch screen where everything is done. This, at least in our opinion, should use Army Men Strike with a terminal that has a control panel of at least 5.5 inches.

Good accuracy is needed here. Because it’s not uncommon to not press because quite a few elements appear in the interface with the progress made. The buttons, of course, are clear when differentiating them and, here, what is needed is not wasting the points and money you have.