MapleStory is about to have an epic expansion

These are focusing on storylines and a collection of new weapons and objects. Nexon America Inc. just revealed one of the most epic expansions in the history of the MapleStory game.

With the Masteria continent added to Maple Story, it brings a whole new game experience to online gaming products. It is loved in North America with more than 5.9 million players.

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The expansion will also give pets an additional skill and improved user interface with language filter updates and other additional features.

MapleStory has over 87 million players worldwide thanks to its great online worlds. One of the most familiar locations in MapleWorld is the continent of Masteria. Here players will have the opportunity to explore the expanded Phantom Forest. That’s filled with leprechaun, wraith, Headless Horseman and a new boss monster, Bigfoot.

MapleStory’s popularity has led to the opening of a new server, Yellonde. To celebrate this event, Nexon will reward the top 75 players of the first month with exciting rewards. You can go to NPC Goldstein to create new characters, whose occupations correspond to 5 types of jobs of the old classes.

In addition to adding a new continent, MapleStory offers a second installment of Summer Break events. That’s including two compelling event videos. Participants can win a large number of rewards.

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It can be said that this new class is the sum of the previous 5 classes. Nexon – Korea has just introduced sketches of the sixth class in its online game Maple Story. This latest class of characters is called Knights of Cygnus.

Thus, in the coming time, Maple Story will have up to 6 character classes. These include the Warrior, the Magician, the Bowman, the Thief, the Pirate, and the Knights of Cygnus. Currently the Dwarf Mushroom version has only the first 4 classes of characters.