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Unity game – The beauty of the game from the perspective of fans

It’s no exaggeration to say that AC Unity is a game with graphics ahead of its time. Coming to each place, I can feel their unique atmosphere and landscape. How do you feel the distinctive atmosphere of each area? I recognized Les Invalides through pastures and old-fashioned country houses.

I like AC Unity because I can run inside to look at the interior. With the extremely bullshit storyline, AC Unity has given itself the remaining 2 elements completely and perfectly. Sometimes I think, AC Unity is not conveying the French Revolution, but the gameplay revolution of Assassin’s Creed.

AC Unity also offers us a series of co-op missions to connect with hundreds of thousands of people around the world or team up with close friends. The plot of AC Unity did not bring the French Revolution to the player, but the co-op quests did.

Along with parkour is the stealth level of AC Unity. Talking about AC Unity is about AC game with the best stealth. Arno has a lot of good interactions and mixed skills. He could sit, which the Assassins of the past could not do on their own, but had to go into the bushes, hiding himself from the watchers’ owl eyes.

In return, Arno is equipped with a ton of toys and it will be effective depending on how it is used. It’s about parkour and stealth, what about the combat system? One thing that I really want to thank Ubisoft for is that they removed the counter-kill mechanism in AC Unity.

With 5 types of weapons and skills trees, players have all kinds of simple and complex combos to handle 5 different types of soldiers. Arno combines the bloody spatter of the Kenway family and the splendor of the art of murder by Ezio Auditore.