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Alto’s Odyssey Game is available on the App Store for macOS

Recently, developer Snowman has officially released the version of Alto’s Odyssey for Mac computers, the game has created a huge craze for iOS and Android users. Especially, winning the Apple Design Award Winner in 2019 voted by Apple, along with many positive reviews from many reputable websites such as The Verge, TechCrunch, Kotaku or The Next Web.

Basically, in Alto’s Odyssey you will control the character moving through countless lands with rugged terrain. Facing a series of obstacles, enemies as well as barriers that you must find a way to overcome if you want to continue the journey.

Glide up on windswept sand dunes, cross precarious canyons. And of course you will discover the temple cities hidden in the magical lands far away.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Alto's Odyssey

Along the way, you’ll cross grape fields, jump on top of balloons, slide on towering rock walls, and escape from mischievous lemurs while exploring unspoiled deserts. explore with countless mysteries.

It was an independent experience. Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the highly rated Alto’s Adventure game, but you don’t need to play the previous to play this part.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Alto's Odyssey

At the core of Alto’s game series is an exquisite one-touch control system. Link combo packages, and accomplish 180 goals all with intuitive control. From the dunes, to the canyons, to the temple city, explore a diverse and rich landscape, each of which offers a unique visual experience and unique gameplay.

In addition to moving light and weather effects like sandstorms and meteors, deserts are home to tornadoes and swift flooding.

From the pause screen, go behind the lens and capture the perfect photos of your trip in the desert. Zoom out, slide, spin, and zoom in on the ideal frames, and you’re sure to share them with friends and family.
I recommend using headphones!