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Sarada game will upgrade the Sharingan to 3 tomoe version

Do you want to know how Boruto anime will evolve in 2020?

At this point, how are the Boruto manga fans curious about how Kara will be shown when the anime is being uploaded? Throughout 2019, the Boruto anime mostly focuses on presenting original stories and novel adaptations.

It is not clear that by 2020 will everything change? Let’s predict the direction of Boruto anime game in 2020 below.

After some time, fans were eagerly waiting for the most attractive episodes in Boruto’s time travel arc. Sasuke aims to defeat Urashiki to protect Naruto as a child. Now it seems that the Boruto anime is continuing to make positive moves to retain its fans. And 2020 is a year that is worth waiting for Boruto.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sarada

As such, the new 7th team will receive a gang-related task including the Bat Rings from many villages under Shojoji’s leadership.

The first is the storyline related to the Shikamaru Shinden novel. This arc may occur before Boruto meets Tento Madoka, the daimyo son of the Fire Nation. Boruto’s encounter with Tento occurred in the manga in the Mujina gang plot.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sarada

Interestingly, Shikamaru Shinden is this is a political novel. Set against the political tension between Kurotsuchi and Naruto, Shikamaru took part in dealing with it. Kurotsuchi even threatened to leave the Shinobi Alliance.

The second is the mystery regarding Sarada being able to upgrade her Sharingan eyes to 3 tomoe when she fights Boro in the manga. This must also be a saved event for the anime version.

According to many people’s speculation, in 2020, fans will start to follow the flow of the manga Boruto is cast on the anime. At least it will be the story of the Mujina gang. Of course, there will be extra episodes to connect the arc and timeline, before Boruto continues to visit Katasuke’s lab.