Bioshock Infinite Plot – Each choice is a world

Bioshock Infinite has a thrilling and unique plot comparable to the leading blockbusters such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne. However, to understand the plot of the Souls series, every gamer must play the game over and over at least 3 times. So is Infinite Bioshock.

Booker DeWitt was taken to a lighthouse in the Gulf of Maine by Robert Lucete and Rosalind Lucete. Quietly set foot on Columbia but Booker was immediately pursued by police forces after they discovered Booker DeWitt.

This is a symbol of the prophecy of Columbia prophet and leader Zachary Comstock. Becoming a wanted man, Booker slowly finds his way to Monument Island where Elizabeth is imprisoned in a tower.

Booker later discovered Elizabeth’s ability to open cracks in space and time. This power was used by Elizabeth as a child, so she could look into parallel realities. They take her to thrilling adventures that ordinary people never experience.

While Booker freed Elizabeth from the tower, Songbird was agitated and chased after the two. Escaping from Songbird, the couple managed to reach First Lady’s Aerodrome – a floating cable car system that could bring them to The First Lady.

They wanted to board the ship to escape. Because Booker had previously promised to bring Elizabeth to Paris – the city of love that she always wanted to be.

However, as soon as Elizabeth found out that Booker was taking her to New York. And he handed over to Robert Lucete and Rosalind Lucete to pay off the debt. Leads to Elizabeth fainting Booker DeWitt to flee.

Upon awakening, Booker became aware that the ship had been taken by Daisy Fitzroy’s Vox Populi. Daisy Fitzroy promised to return the aircraft if Booker took back a package of weapons captured by Columbia troops. Booker later found Elizabeth.

Using her power, Elizabeth confounded things from other parallel dimensions into reality. Suddenly Booker DeWitt became a hero for the sake of sacrifice