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Learn the wonders of game character design

To get the most realistic character model in Hellblade, Ninja Theory game company had to swim to Serbia to take advantage of modern 3D scanning technology. Graphic technology is increasingly developing.

Increasingly demanding gamers require game developers to always create a world with the most realistic characters possible. The most difficult factor to convey to the audience in a convincing manner is probably the problem of facial expressions on the character model.

Tìm hiểu sự kì công trong khâu thiết kế nhân vật game

While humans we own hundreds of different large and small muscles to express emotions so vividly. Game makers are constrained by technology limitations. The most popular solution for presenting game characters’ faces is “Motion Capture”.

This is the technique of using real actors to act out the necessary scenes while the technical team recorded a 3D view of them. It works with many modern scanning technologies and then applies this framework to virtual characters.

Funding to develop blockbuster games often amounts to tens of millions of dollars. and the main reason lies in the well-invested stages such as Motion Capture.

Recently in the video series revolving around developing its Hellblade game, studio Ninja Theory shared an interesting look. They talked about how they conveyed real-life character expressions to game characters. Please follow along on the top of the article.

Tìm hiểu sự kì công trong khâu thiết kế nhân vật game

Recalling a little about Hellblade, this is the game introduced by Theory Ninja for the first time at the Gamescom 2014 fair. Hellblade takes players to follow Senua. This is the female character described as a Celtic warrior who suffered psychological trauma after experiencing the Viking invasion.

To develop games on complex topics like humans, Ninja Theory said they invited a PhD in neuroscience from Cambridge University. DmC also boldly affirmed that Hellblade is the result of their 14 years of action game design experience.

Introducing how to play Cuphead game

With the childhood of many gamers today, perhaps too familiar with cartoon images such as Donald duck, Mickey mouse or wolf and rabbit in the movie. Please wait… Perfect reproduction of art style graphic arts at that time, CupHead was born as a gift from the past, both for entertainment and to help gamers reminisce about a beautiful childhood.

As a game about entertainment, the plot of the game is not too complicated. The story is about CupHead and his younger brother. Because of being greedy, he was ensnared by the casino owner Satan and lost. From there is CupHead’s journey to hire debt to pay back debt with Satan. It may not sound like a good idea for young gamers, but don’t care about the plot too, just focus on the gameplay that makes this game‘s success!

Cuphead: Hành trình "thu nợ" đầy gian khó nhưng không kém phần thú vị của những anh chàng "đầu cốc"

CupHead really has gone against the vast majority with today’s games: not picky, not too many choices, not complicated, … All that the game requires is the reaction.

In the game, players will be fully introduced game titles about the buttons to use the character. Similar to previous century games, CupHead also has a few basic buttons: run, jump, slide, attack. Thanks to this simplicity, players will really get used to the game, but not so that its difficulty decreases. When I tried it, it was a nightmare!

In addition, to be able to easily fight against the “debtor” in the game, CupHead also has store systems to help players buy more new weapons: pea bullets, 4-beam bullets, super-powerful bullets …. In addition to using these types of bullets, players can use a special super strong attack accumulated through the process of attacking enemies.

Cuphead: Hành trình "thu nợ" đầy gian khó nhưng không kém phần thú vị của những anh chàng "đầu cốc"

This collection is not really simple, most debtors are very stubborn and stubborn, and CupHead’s ultimate task is to destroy them to get the debt. This is the gameplay of this game, destroying bosses with different skills and characteristics. There is a special feature of the game, it is these bosses that can change everything into many shapes based on their lost blood.

Players only have 3 lives to destroy the boss, if killed, the player must revive a fixed number of points. If you’re lucky, you revive close, if revived far away, it is a nightmare when every time you overcome them is also a long journey.