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Valorant – The national shooter project of Riot

Valorant is an online shooting game genre installed on PC that owns super-light 3D graphics, the gameplay does not require too high level of players. Especially with the goal of becoming a national game suitable for all configurations.

Valorant is a first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games and will be officially released in 2020. Currently this game is undergoing limited testing and receiving very positive signals with millions views on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

Based on that, it can be seen that Riot Games wants to direct Valorant Online to become a shooter that can reach many different types of gamers. You will not need a computer with too high a configuration and hardware to be able to play this game!

Simple because with this MMOFPS title, the guns in the game do not require a super high level for you to master them at all. Because they are not too jerky or come with other special skills.

So overall Valorant looks like a combination of CS: GO with Overwatch! Here you will have a character description with each character possessing 3 main skills with a unique Ultimate skill.

At the start of each game, players have about 15 seconds to buy weapons including guns and improve the character’s skills. In addition, the guns and armor in the game Valorant are quite similar to the current era. That’s when divided into many categories such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns and sight guns.

And as mentioned above, the recoil was hardly much. Of course, the online game Valorant is not completely easy to shoot, but it requires spiritual reflexes in the player.

In general, after a few hours of bombardment with Valorant, I felt quite comfortable, especially not dizzy. Especially with gameplay that is easy to get to know, the quick-to-understand feature also helps players save time to get used to and load data.

Bucky will become White Wolf, a new superhero after the Avengers game

Bucky appeared in Wakanda with a new name, a new identity – White Wolf. So, who is White Wolf and what is his role?

In the comics, Bucky Barnes and White Wolf are two completely different people. But the MCU has decided to give Captain America‘s best friend a new identity to exploit the new aspects of this interesting character.

Compared to the original game, it’s hard to find a common ground between Bucky and White Wolf. But Black Panther and Infinity War will open a new path for this character.

Bucky is hiding from the US government and has no way home. So in Wakanda and serving the Black Panther is not a bad choice. In this place, he will have a new life, a new beginning.

Bucky is a partner. He is Captain’s best friend and a national hero. In Winter Soldier, he accidentally plays the role of a brainwashed assassin working for Hydra. In Civil War, he always fled before the government and even the Black Panther.

This fight will be an opportunity for him to win the sympathy of the people of Wakanda as well as the Black Panther. And maybe later, White Wolf will become the leader of War Dogs, just like the original comic book.

Staying in Wakanda means that Bucky won’t become the heir to the shield Captain left behind. In the comics, the world rarely misses a Captain America. In addition to the game, Bucky Barnes and Falcon were once given the right to use the vibranium shield and become “Captain America”.

The “Captain America” ​​has become a very important character in the MCU, so in Phase 4. Marvel will probably introduce a new Captain and Bucky will be out of the game soon.

Falcon is the most likely successor, but Marvel still has plenty of projects for new characters. So it is impossible to exclude the possibility of U.S. Agent will appear on the big screen.

Gran Saga has released an eye-catching action trailer

Gran Saga is a game of the role-playing genre very familiar. It is the result of a Korean game developer, NPIXEL. Gran Saga impresses with its beautiful graphics and cute cartoon style. This is easy to understand because the game is built by Unreal Engine 4 technology.

In the game, players will embark on an exciting adventure to travel the world in search of the illusionary weapon Gran. The game has 4 main character classes, relatively similar to the previous Seven Knights.

Each class has a different elemental symbol and will play a separate role in the battle. Gran Saga has not announced the exact names and capabilities of these classes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gran Saga

But recently, the game developer has released a short video “show” of the most quintessential features of the game from the perspective of gameplay and realistic images. In addition, Gran Saga is also revealed on the release time, which is in 2020.

As information we have previously shared, the weapon system of the game is up to 20 types. It is unclear how they will associate with the classes. however, only five characters can be used in each class. Therefore, we will witness the extremely diverse character builds.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gran Saga

We may have a hard time predicting how things will change when using skills with another weapon. In the newly shared gameplay video, viewers can see the extremely moving and chopping phases from the series of character classes with their forte weapons.

A few other images of the game, hope that we will soon experience the complete version of Gran Saga this year. The gameplay part of the game is relatively familiar with the genre of JRPG when the screenplay is a mix of action and turnbase characteristic. Gamers will have to think of how to combo and use skills so effectively.


What do AoE DEs game stand out

If you are an AoE 1 player, getting used to the new game will take very little time. Age of Empires – Definitive Edition is a remake of AoE 1 so it can be said that these two games have 99 percent similarity in terms of game play. If you are an AoE 1 player, getting used to the game will take very little time.

To get a better look at Age of Empires – Definitive Edition, let’s find out some advantages that are superior to the old version of this game. With AoE – DE, we can play online with all friends near and far around the world without having to go through any 3rd party software.

AoE DE có những điểm vượt trội gì? Liệu đã đến lúc game thủ Việt nên chuyển sang bản mới? - Ảnh 2.

AOE DE also has a rating system and has a battle history for you to tryhard rank plows. The game client is also constantly updated by the Microsoft developer based on information from the player.

The restriction to more than 50 percent of types of troops and works makes AOE 1 sometimes makes the audience feel bored. If you’ve watched AOE DE recently, you’ll be overwhelmed by the game’s tactics. Depending on the type of map or card, there are a lot of cards that can be played.

The manufacturer has also tried to adjust to bring more balance to the game. For example, we can see as they increase an anti-arrow armor for slashing horses to reduce the power of the supply forces, or increase the price for Shang and many other tweaks.

AoE DE có những điểm vượt trội gì? Liệu đã đến lúc game thủ Việt nên chuyển sang bản mới? - Ảnh 1.

In DE, we rely more on real skill, not too much luck to win random matches. It can be said that all the guillotine pieces are selective guillotines, all military guerillas are recruiting. Let’s experience new things to have yourself a new joy.

Unlike AOE 1, which has long been abandoned by Microsoft, AOE DE still receives their attention. With just a push of the community, we will have great tournaments organized by Microsoft itself

The Outer World game – The killer of the legendary Fallout series is here

The biggest award ceremony of the year – The Game Award 2018 has ended for a while but it is a series of new introduced games that promise to turn the gaming community into 2019.

At this year’s awards ceremony, the survival and discovery game will continue to receive a new game from Obsidian – a famous developer with two Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic II titles. is The Outer World, an action-adventure adventure RPG.

The game’s trailer takes players into an extraterrestrial fantasy world that evokes much curiosity and excitement with a beautiful and colorful graphics platform.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Outer World

According to the introduction, the scale of the cosmic world in The Outer World is not as giant as Mass Effect, a famous EA game, but gamers will be able to ride a spaceship freely to explore the vast solar system. During the game testing, gamers can only discover a small part of the vast solar system.

However, from the testing process of the game, it can be noticed that the space design of the game is extremely delicate and skillful, so it is worth for gamers to choose to play for a long time. At the same time, it clearly shows the diversity in the terrain of each area on the game.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In this game design, gamers begin to play will enter a galaxy called Halcyon and another planet furthest away from Earth in the solar system but on which there are people living. These two planets have different properties, one famous for its wonders of science and technology and great architecture, and the other is a wilderness with the residence of a series of Scary giant monster.

After humans stepped onto this planetary system, it was discovered that there are only one of these two planets that humans can live in, eventually leading to this strange phenomenon. In addition to the two large planets, gamers can explore a few satellites, small planets and space stations in them.

Top the best console games on smartphone in 2019

According to advanced technology, there are hundreds of console games created and designed in smartphones and tablets. This article will summarize top the best console games on smartphone in 2019. Through this article, you can have overview about status of console games in 2019.

1/ Knights of the Old Republic

Firstly, it has exclusive origin from in Xbox by RPG kings Bioware. In 2019, players have seen many nascent ideas based on KOTOR.

Having inspiration from Star Wars films, KOTOR has designed with excellent writing and a robust RPG system to create many meaningful value for player.

It has a sharp graphics, a designed control scheme system smartly and source of great games to attract a huge fan annually.

2/ Grid Autosport

This game is a deep racing car with a beefy career mode, impressive graphics and jaw-dropping visuals. You can enjoy emotion as a real car racing but on smartphone.

Grid plays are equipped enough well with touch and tilt controls to make different levels depending on your purpose.

3/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This game is worthwhile to be purchased on both Android and iOS. The producer focus on upgrading great graphics and touch control as common refrain to help player to discover it easily.

However, control schemes is the biggest issue of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is only designed for gamepad.

4/ Xcom

Series of Xcom includes in Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. Firstly, this game is only designed for PC. Then it has made a new wave for application on almost social media like PS3 and Xbox 360.

In the version of mobile, it makes deep impression with strong graphics. The main content of Xcom is tactical gameplay and original storyline to be kept and upgraded a little.

Especially, this Xcom has combination with Enemy Within content to make better value for user.