Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is undoubtedly one of the most interesting online games available on the market. It is unique due to the high level of customisation. There is no standard playing mode or story. Instead, other players take maps and elements from different games and combine them to make something new.

There are several popular playing modes available to try out on Garry’s Mod. The only limitation is the fertile imagination of the person developing it. Over the years dedicated communities based around different modes have grown.

Base Elements

One of the few negative things about Garry’s Mod is the fact that users will have to buy and download other games to play it. This is because GM is made up of base elements from several popular titles, such as Counter-Strike.


In Cinema mode players can explore a movie theatre filled with different screening rooms. People can decide which video is shown on the screen. For a video to play, the user will have to provide a streaming link.

Murder Mode

One player is initially assigned the role of the murderer. They must hunt down all other players. If they manage to kill everyone, then they win. However, an innocent player can win, if they detect and eliminate the murderer.

Prison Break

This is a role-playing mode where players are either the prisoners or the guards of a jail. The main objective of the prisoners is to find a way to escape. Meanwhile, the guards must keep order and kill anyone who tries to break free.

Death Run

This is a deadly obstacle course which contains numerous traps. The more people who take part in a run, the higher the chances of at least one person surviving. Often the players who try to beat the run first will end up being killed by a hidden device.