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Disco Elysium winning the “Oscar of the game” without anyone knowing

The most notable event this week was probably that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had passed the Death Stranding to win the Game of the Year 2019. This despite the initial belief that Kojima’s game would dominate Game Awards with 10 nominations in all categories. But one thing that surprised others even more is Disco Elysium – the game that won the most awards at The Game Awards this time.

Accordingly, Disco Elysium only has a nominal number of 4, less than half of Death Stranding, but it wins all the categories that it participates. it rose to the top of the table and once again surpassed Death Stranding with 3 awards. Disco Elysium can be called the “academic” series, when it is horribly complicated and sets up a new style of play never before seen.

In summary, Disco Elysium is a game that combines Visual Novel, the open world, puzzles and options affecting the story … Players will play the role of a detective to learn about the mysterious things around yourself.

A special feature of Disco Elysium is that it still has all the elements of an RPG game, such as skill system, stats and character building styles. But instead of fighting with swords or magic, this game completely changed to… talking and choosing dialogue.

Disco Elysium và câu chuyện đoạt giải “Oscar làng game” mà không ai biết

It is easy to understand that when entering the battle, the two sides will start to present puzzles and let you find the solutions. The good point of Disco Elysium depends on the player’s character building direction that everything will evolve different.

The game is actually very similar to a mystery detective movie, where you decide the plot as well as the whole content. Disco Elysium was especially praised as soon as it debuted, when it opened a new way of playing for the entire community.

Disco Elysium’s gameplay is so excellent that it won two important awards, the best RPG game and best storytelling,