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Explain the plot mystery of Little Nightmares

Although it is a very good horror game, but the minus point of Little Nightmares is that there is absolutely no dialogue, nor does it clearly explain the story even after the game is completed.

During the game, if you pay attention, you will see objects in Little Nightmares sometimes leaning in different directions, or feeling unevenly swaying like being hit by waves. That’s because the Little Nightmares setting is in a place called The Maw, which is a giant submarine with chimneys rising to the surface to welcome guests.

In essence, The Maw is an underground prison located deep in the ocean, separate from the outside world. The Maw is divided into many different floors. Six – the main character of the game is most likely one of hundreds, even thousands of children caught on The Maw.

From chapter 2 onwards, there is a lot of evidence that shows the terrifying fate of the kids in The Maw. The first is that when Six was caught by The Janitor, we can see a lot of cribs near her, and they all hold a kid about the same age as Six.

This further clarifies why The Maw keeps so many kids. And in the process of playing apart from the Six characters that have met, there is no other adult here. All the guests of The Maw just go without returning, because after eating well, they will be turned into energy to keep The Maw active.

You can see this very clearly after Six defeated The Lady, she also received her powers and any diners who approached was drained of energy. Another explanation is that The Maw himself can carry an invisible curse, making all diners always in a state of hunger.

And if not satisfied, the hunger will drive them crazy. In Little Nightmares, except for Six, the person with the most normal appearance is the owner of The Maw – The Lady. This may be due to the effect of The Maw’s curse, as The Lady must continually absorb the customers’ vitality to keep her body young. Diners eating food made from meat could also drive them crazy, or it was a must for maintaining The Maw.