PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) is a top-rated online action game. Players of up to 100 are parachuted down onto a large map and assigned into teams of four. The mission of each team is to eliminate all of the rival players while also defending themselves.

This title stands out as one of the most played games in the battle royale genre. It is available on a wide range of platforms. This includes consoles, computers and specific smart devices. However, a constant internet connection is required. Otherwise, the player will be unable to access the game and get kicked out of matches.

Random Weapons

Once a player reaches the ground, they will have to search for a weapon. These are randomly scattered around the map. They vary in type and power. Possible weapons to be found include shotguns, grenades and even frying pans. Praise has been given to the design of these items by gaming critics.

There are also upgrades to firearms hidden in different places. For instance, zooming scopes can be connected to rifles to increase accuracy.

Shrinking Map

One of the biggest problems with some battle royale games is the fact that players will stay hidden in one area until the round ends. This can end up making the game tedious and frustrating. To tackle this, PUBG features a map which shrinks over time, forcing players into a tighter space. This tends to increase the amount of action as well as keep up the pace.


There are also cars, boats and motorcycles which can be driven by players. These are useful for travelling long distances at a faster pace, rather than by running. They also provide a certain amount of protection from gunfire. However, if a vehicle is dealt too much damage, it will explode, potentially killing the player.