Great PS2 Games

When the PlayStation 2 console was first released in 2000, it was an instant hit with gamers. This was because of the many great titles which were released for it. Some of the most popular PS2 games were sequels which improved the mechanics of their predecessors. Others were completely original ones that captured the imagination of the gaming community.

GTA: Vice City

This sequel in the Grand Theft Auto series is set in a fictionalised version of Miami, Florida during the 1980s. The story follows a criminal who attempts to build a business empire in the city. The game garnered controversy due to its violent content and adult themes. Despite this, it is now recognised as one of the best console games of all time.


Bully was made by Rockstar, the same developer as GTA. Players get to control a student at a boarding school. Like other titles by Rockstar, there is a fair amount of violence and offensive humour. Bully has now been ported to more modern consoles such as the Xbox One. There is even an Android version available for portable smart devices such as tablets.

The Sims 2

In this game, players get to design and build their own home. This building is then filled with characters whose lives are affected by the player’s choices. The Sims 2 allows people to simulate life in suburbia. The characters they create change over time. For instance, they may get a new job, develop a romantic relationship, or even die.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

The Tony Hawk series was popular due to the intuitive skating controls and the pop-punk soundtrack. The third one is regularly hailed as a high point for these games. The boards and characters can be customised. Players are even able to build their own skate park.