The reasons why survival games still thrive

For a long time, the survival games stormed and enjoyed a lot of players. Why do we like the chaos of survival games? More importantly, why are we so patient with it, no matter how many failures? Let’s ponder and find out the reason behind the relentless development of survival games.

Diverse games like Minecraft, Resident Evil 7 and Conan Exiles are typical names in changing the way people still think about survival games. Although these experiences are linked to traditional horror themes. A handful of survival games have also tried to include richer, more diverse elements.

Những lí do khiến các tựa game sinh tồn vẫn phát triển mạnh, bất chấp đã out meta từ lâu - Ảnh 3.

Subnautica for example, this game introduces players to a beautiful world of alien worlds. Players must not only regulate the supply of oxygen but also have to dive deep into the ocean to find resources useful for their survival.

The dangers and mysterious sea creatures are also waiting to devour the player, creating tremendous obstacles for survival. Regardless of their general setup, all survival games rely heavily on one adventurous component.

Instinctively, we create thinking hats and start building a plan in the game. How to survive? How do I build myself a shelter? What do I need to do to create a warm fire in freezing weather? Most importantly, where can I find food?

Những lí do khiến các tựa game sinh tồn vẫn phát triển mạnh, bất chấp đã out meta từ lâu - Ảnh 2.

If we are truly trapped in a post-apocalyptic world, we need to acquire the knowledge needed to survive. The survival game describes similar cases. They force players to give up their comfort in reality whether they like it or not.

The survival game offers players a free experience in the vast world through exploration. There are many diverse methods for players to test the game for their survival. All through freedom of experience, freedom of learning and creation.

A good part of the game’s puzzle pieces will be assembled by the player. Of course, being knowledgeable is a long process, nothing accidentally falls into the palm of your hand. Just make a mistake, then the time will come to success. That’s why this genre is so addictive.