Bucky will become White Wolf, a new superhero after the Avengers game

Bucky appeared in Wakanda with a new name, a new identity – White Wolf. So, who is White Wolf and what is his role?

In the comics, Bucky Barnes and White Wolf are two completely different people. But the MCU has decided to give Captain America‘s best friend a new identity to exploit the new aspects of this interesting character.

Compared to the original game, it’s hard to find a common ground between Bucky and White Wolf. But Black Panther and Infinity War will open a new path for this character.

Bucky is hiding from the US government and has no way home. So in Wakanda and serving the Black Panther is not a bad choice. In this place, he will have a new life, a new beginning.

Bucky is a partner. He is Captain’s best friend and a national hero. In Winter Soldier, he accidentally plays the role of a brainwashed assassin working for Hydra. In Civil War, he always fled before the government and even the Black Panther.

This fight will be an opportunity for him to win the sympathy of the people of Wakanda as well as the Black Panther. And maybe later, White Wolf will become the leader of War Dogs, just like the original comic book.

Staying in Wakanda means that Bucky won’t become the heir to the shield Captain left behind. In the comics, the world rarely misses a Captain America. In addition to the game, Bucky Barnes and Falcon were once given the right to use the vibranium shield and become “Captain America”.

The “Captain America” ​​has become a very important character in the MCU, so in Phase 4. Marvel will probably introduce a new Captain and Bucky will be out of the game soon.

Falcon is the most likely successor, but Marvel still has plenty of projects for new characters. So it is impossible to exclude the possibility of U.S. Agent will appear on the big screen.