Gran Saga has released an eye-catching action trailer

Gran Saga is a game of the role-playing genre very familiar. It is the result of a Korean game developer, NPIXEL. Gran Saga impresses with its beautiful graphics and cute cartoon style. This is easy to understand because the game is built by Unreal Engine 4 technology.

In the game, players will embark on an exciting adventure to travel the world in search of the illusionary weapon Gran. The game has 4 main character classes, relatively similar to the previous Seven Knights.

Each class has a different elemental symbol and will play a separate role in the battle. Gran Saga has not announced the exact names and capabilities of these classes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gran Saga

But recently, the game developer has released a short video “show” of the most quintessential features of the game from the perspective of gameplay and realistic images. In addition, Gran Saga is also revealed on the release time, which is in 2020.

As information we have previously shared, the weapon system of the game is up to 20 types. It is unclear how they will associate with the classes. however, only five characters can be used in each class. Therefore, we will witness the extremely diverse character builds.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gran Saga

We may have a hard time predicting how things will change when using skills with another weapon. In the newly shared gameplay video, viewers can see the extremely moving and chopping phases from the series of character classes with their forte weapons.

A few other images of the game, hope that we will soon experience the complete version of Gran Saga this year. The gameplay part of the game is relatively familiar with the genre of JRPG when the screenplay is a mix of action and turnbase characteristic. Gamers will have to think of how to combo and use skills so effectively.