Top the best console games on smartphone in 2019

According to advanced technology, there are hundreds of console games created and designed in smartphones and tablets. This article will summarize top the best console games on smartphone in 2019. Through this article, you can have overview about status of console games in 2019.

1/ Knights of the Old Republic

Firstly, it has exclusive origin from in Xbox by RPG kings Bioware. In 2019, players have seen many nascent ideas based on KOTOR.

Having inspiration from Star Wars films, KOTOR has designed with excellent writing and a robust RPG system to create many meaningful value for player.

It has a sharp graphics, a designed control scheme system smartly and source of great games to attract a huge fan annually.

2/ Grid Autosport

This game is a deep racing car with a beefy career mode, impressive graphics and jaw-dropping visuals. You can enjoy emotion as a real car racing but on smartphone.

Grid plays are equipped enough well with touch and tilt controls to make different levels depending on your purpose.

3/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This game is worthwhile to be purchased on both Android and iOS. The producer focus on upgrading great graphics and touch control as common refrain to help player to discover it easily.

However, control schemes is the biggest issue of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is only designed for gamepad.

4/ Xcom

Series of Xcom includes in Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. Firstly, this game is only designed for PC. Then it has made a new wave for application on almost social media like PS3 and Xbox 360.

In the version of mobile, it makes deep impression with strong graphics. The main content of Xcom is tactical gameplay and original storyline to be kept and upgraded a little.

Especially, this Xcom has combination with Enemy Within content to make better value for user.