Dragon Raja released a trailer to show off the character

Dragon Raja is expected to launch on iOS and Android in February. New details about the upcoming Dragon Raja role-playing mobile game of Archizard Games have been revealed. In a new trailer, we have a glimpse of some of the characters that will meet throughout the game. Dragon Raja will appear to iOS and Android in February.

Until now, we still don’t have much details about the characters that players will have access to. But the official trailer has just released a brief introduction through the different character classes that you can choose. Although there aren’t really too many details, it also revealed a bit about each character’s play style.

Dragon Raja tung trailer mãn nhãn khoe dàn nhân vật chất lừ - Ảnh 4.

A total of five character classes to choose from in Dragon Raja. Each character will assume different roles with a different play style. That means there will be unique attacks and special abilities.

The trailer tells us about Shining Lu – the heir of a royal bloodline, an introverted and extremely fastidious character. There is also Caesar, whom Archizard describes as a boy who considers himself the center of a wealthy family. The Ceasar will be equipped with a two-barreled gun, so his attacks will be far-off and relatively fast.

Dragon Raja tung trailer mãn nhãn khoe dàn nhân vật chất lừ - Ảnh 5.

We have also seen Johann Chu, a college student, a model who firmly believes in justice and has an almost emotionless face. In addition, Nono – a character with a strong will, always determined to make everything to the end. Her equipment is a mini-type gun. Therefore, her attacks will be from afar but perhaps at a slower speed while dealing more damage than Caesar’s weapons.

And finally Erii, who couldn’t seem to speak because if she did that would destroy the world, a problem that seemed quite burdensome. Erii brought with him a katana, so this might be the type of melee class. Overall, it looks like the game will have all sorts of engaging fights to keep things more interesting.