Plot Far Cry Game – The Battle of Jack Carver

The story of Far Cry revolves around the adventure of the protagonist Jack Carver that has shaped a typical context of the whole series of games going forward.

The Far Cry series was started by the developer CryTek and published by Ubisoft. However, after the success of this first Far Cry version, Ubisoft bought the development rights from CryTek and made the following parts of the series by itself. Therefore, it can be said that this is the primitive version for Far Cry style later on, especially the typical Far Cry plot context.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The story of Far Cry begins with Jack Carver, a veteran of the task force who decides to give up the past and city life to buy a ship to serve as a tourist service around the islands in the South Pacific. Destiny leads Jack to meet a customer especially female reporter Valerie Constantine. She introduced herself to write for a travel magazine and asked Jack to drive to a deserted archipelago in the South Pacific to take photos of articles about the remains of WWII remnants of the Japanese army here.

cốt truyện Far Cry

After reaching the designated island, Valerie moved ashore by small motorboat while Jack anchored the boat waiting offshore. Suddenly, from the island, a group of mercenaries shows up and sink Jack’s ship with rockets, then chase him down with a gun. Jack swam ashore, ran into the forest and encountered strange creatures, he just fled the creatures while struggling with mercenaries and jumped into the sea to swim into an underground cave to escape.

After regaining consciousness, he realized that the underground cave led into an old bunker of the Japanese army during World War 2. A man contacted via video radio to nearby claiming to be Doyle to offer to help Jack escape from the situation. current situation. Having no other choice, Jack agrees to receive Doyle’s help to find Valerie and escape the island filled with mercenaries.