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Console or PC: choose which one to play game

This is a problem many gamers have to consider before “picking me up”. In this article, we share our experience and ask some other long-time gamer brothers to have an objective view about: which system should be chosen best? The first concern of gamers is definitely to go back to the game. Currently, most of the games in the top are available on both PC and Console, with the following differences:

PC: This is definitely the gaming system with the biggest game collection, just terrible and new games to play continuously. If in the Console for a few weeks you have a few new games to play, your PC will receive lots of new and big games every day.


Especially the games on Nintendo, the ability to appear on the PC is even lower. Or, more briefly, if you’re a fan of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon then Nintendo is definitely the only option. Talking about the convenience of the game, we leaned towards the Console more because of its quick setup ability, very simple, just a few operations can start the game immediately.

You don’t need to know too much about computers, you don’t need to know how to install software, you don’t need to know the configuration. All are tweaked ready for game play, game purchase, game management.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho pc

Another thing we like about Console is that you don’t worry about jerks and lag when playing games on these systems because the game developers have optimized the game for the game to fit the Console most. can. On a PC you can use a better graphics card but the game is not that stable. We have tried to tweak the settings to make it easy for a PC to have a feel for the Console, but you can’t do it to a great extent or need to spend a lot of effort.

Devilian Mobile Game – Super great slashing graphics from Gamevil

Recently, Gamevil has released the gameplay with an extremely epic English version introducing classes for his super-graphic game Devilian Mobile. Last month, the leading mobile game developer Gamevil conducted a small closed beta test for Devilian Mobile – Diablo III’s stylish game in the Korean market. And recently, the Korean grandfather continued to play extremely spectacular gameplay introducing character classes for his super graphic game.

Through the video, viewers can see that this is the global version of Devilian Mobile with the support of English language for the convenience of international gamers to experience. Devilian Mobile is an MMORPG that possesses a terrible graphics platform and gameplay similar to the original version on PC, and players also have the opportunity to meet familiar characters like Kylar mode. Challenging guild, … right on portable mobile devices.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Devilian

Devilian Mobile in addition to owning graphics and control mechanisms, fighting like Diablo III, additional maps of the game are also specially designed including traps and giant Bosses. The combat control system is set according to the typical formula of Auto-Action RPG. That’s why your job is to take care of moves and time to activate special skills only.

It is expected that Devilian Mobile will be released free of charge by Gamevil globally at the end of 2019. All the latest information will be updated to you in the following articles. Please pay attention to read!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Devilian

Google Play’s ‘Best of 2016 Korea’ award is the award for selecting the best Korean mobile games of the year based on the quality of the game and gamer’s vote. This year, 40 titles of 8 game lines were nominated for the voting categories. Devilian Mobile has won the Best Game of the Year for its innovative graphics using the Unity Engine platform, providing a great experience for gamers.

Devilian Mobile has succeeded in bringing PC and console graphics to mobile phones with meticulously invested details, character designs that incorporate lighting effects alongside beautiful movements.


Paladins released the official version after more than 2 years of testing

Paladins are team-shooter online games that combine a combination of online and online shooting. Similar to online MOBA games, Paladins players will be able to choose different generals and form a team to compete. Up to the present time, the generals in the game are divided into four groups: Tank, Damage, Support and Flank.

Not considered Overwatch’s rival, but Paladins started off slowly, the main reason was that the game content was incomplete, so Hi-Rez Studios had to conduct Closed Beta testing for a long time. Launched after 4 months of Overwatch, Paladins has announced to reach 11 million players in May 2017, of which 2 million players are from consoles. Another remarkable achievement is that Paladins has been among the most played games on Steam in 2016.

After more than two years of beta releases, Paladins recently confirmed it will open the official version 1.0 on the upcoming 8.5 days. And to celebrate this special event, the players who participated in the beta will receive 200 Crystals in the period from 8.5 to 31.5. At the same time, a professional tournament was held at the same time in Las Vegas.

This official version of Paladins will bring significant changes. In 2018, the game will release 4 new generals, and the manufacturer will also spend more time refining the system, fixing errors arising according to the player’s requirements and ensuring that all The patch offers great new content for community interaction.

paladins 1

Recently, Hi-Rez Studio continues to announce the success of the “pet” Paladins online game when the game has attracted 11 million players worldwide, of which 2 million players is from consoles. Previously, Paladin had topped the top 10 Steam games on the list after only its first week.

Basically, Paladins’ gameplay is very similar to Overwatch when gamers also choose a certain class champion and get ‘released’ into the map to fight against each other in typical MOBA style. The task of the player is to take the necessary points on the map, then proceed to destroy the base of the enemy team and of course protect the fortress.

One Piece: World Seeker game introduces a new storyline

In order to warm up the atmosphere of One Piece: World Seeker, Bandai Namco recently released a new trailer for this game. Accordingly, this trailer revealed a part of the game’s story, beginning with the image that Luffy was captured by the navy and being led to trial. However, his expression was nothing to fear but rather quite exciting. So what Luffy is planning, the answer will be available when the game is officially released.

First Borsalino, an admiral, he has the ability to control and use light, allowing him to easily teleport around and is difficult to hit. Next was Issho, also an admiral, though he was blind but he still had a terrifying ability to control gravity with power that could divert both a meteorite and a serious opponent means.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho One Piece

Finally, Rob Lucci, he used to be a member of CP9 – an underground government organization. However, after being defeated by Luffy, he was transferred to CP-0, an extremely mysterious and dangerous organization.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho One Piece

Officially announced by Bandai Namco around the end of last year, One Piece: World Seeker is a big turning point for the One Piece brand in the game village when it is the first time to bring players to the open world to a great extent. Based on the idea of ​​the pirate world of Oda Eiichiro – author of the famous series of the same name. One Piece: World Seeker will soon be released this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

World Seeker is an action-adventure game, an open world based on the popular One Piece comic series by author Oda Eiichiro. The game tells of Luffy’s journey and the Straw Hat Pirates friends travel through the lands and encounter different enemies. One Piece: World Seeker is expected to officially launch this year on PS4 for the Japanese market. The Western market version will also be released in 2018, but there will be an additional version for PC and Xbox One.

Game Killer Instinct is about to set on Steam

After Tekken 7, The King of Fighter XIV, the Steam players are ready to welcome a super-quality countervailing game that Killer Instinct used exclusively for Xbox One and the Windows Store system. Accordingly, Killer Instinct has been exclusive to Xbox One since 2013 and then the Windows Store, which will be released on Steam later this year. This is good information for those who don’t own an Xbox One or use Windows 10, but still want to play the Killer Instinct.

Besides, loyal customers of the game will be eligible to receive a few unique perk privileges. As Jebailey mentioned, everyone who owns the Definitive Edition version on the Xbox One or Windows 10 will be able to download new characters like Eagle, besides Shin Hisako and Kilgore, completely FREE with the rest. Back of the game.

Killer Instinct Game đối kháng đình đám Killer Instinct sắp sửa đặt chân lên Steam 1

Killer Instinct is an attractive fighting action game, published by Microsoft Game Studios. The original game was originally developed by Double Helix Games, before they were bought by Amazon, and later adopted by Iron Galaxy Studios, which helped to grow from Season 2 onwards.

At the time of its release, it received positive reviews on its clever fighting mechanism and beautiful graphics effects, but was also criticized for its lack of content. Later, new Season updates are gradually coming out to scale up and improve game quality.

Killer Instinct Game đối kháng đình đám Killer Instinct sắp sửa đặt chân lên Steam 2

Killer Instinct is currently available for Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. If you want to see more information about the game, you can check out the Season 3 trailer and Eagle character. Today, during the time of the livestream CEO, CEO Alex Jebailey announced on behalf of the development team a new plan for the very popular fighting game Instinct Killer. Fans have been extremely excited and look forward to launching this new version of the game

Blizzard revealed Overwatch 2, released this winter

Many people have been estranged and often called “Dead game“, but Overwatch has always been interested and developed by Blizzard. After nearly 3 years of launch, Overwatch now can’t be hot like the current super products like DOTA 2, LMHT or PUBG, despite the fact that in 2016, it used to be a game that made the whole world rain gender. But that doesn’t mean Overwatch has completely lost its charm. Although many players are estranged and often called “Dead game”, Overwatch has always been interested and developed by his father Blizzard.

When following a recent leaked information, despite the fact that the number of players of Deadwatch Game Deadwatch continued to decline, developer Blizzard is still developing a sequel to this game, the information is taken from Kotaku news site. Although this is only a rumor and not confirmed by developer Blizzard, the source said Overwatch 2 is being developed and is expected to be revealed at Blizzcon 2019 in November.

Blizzard hé lộ Overwatch 2, ra mắt vào mùa đông năm nay - Ảnh 1.

According to the source, Overwatch 2 will be able to play PvE mode that is somewhat similar to the legendary game Left 4 Dead. This does not surprise us when considering the popularity of Overwatch’s seasonal events, often with special PvE game modes. Overwatch was originally supposed to be an MMO before Blizzard turned it into a competitive shooter. Blizzard may be gradually turning Overwatch into the same idea by emphasizing PvE combat.

Esports titles like the League of Legends or Rainbow Six Siege usually don’t have a sequel to keep all players together under an umbrella. However, Blizzard thought otherwise when launching Overwatch 2, this may be Blizzard’s bold move to attract players who have left Overwatch. At the same time Blizzard is also “killing” Overwatch when the next part is released, the player will have to switch to the new game and then Overwatch will become the real “Dead Game”.

BioShock’s famous shooter series returns with improved graphics

Although there are 5 days left to launch, Bioshock game reviews – 2K first-person shooter games – have begun to appear online. And it seems the game doesn’t disappoint fans.

Average score of 95/100 – too impressive! The game was so attractive that the reviewers were excited to say:

All doubts about BioShock’s promise completely dissipated after just ten minutes of playing the game – as exciting as you’re dancing. You want to show off to everyone about this game, even for people you know will never care, just because the game is too good. Bioshock not only meets your expectations, but also completely changes your monotonous gaming concept ever. Screenshot of the actions of BioShock cannot express the great feeling that the game offers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bioshock game

Information about the remakes of the series has been anticipated by foreign game sites before the 2016 E3 event, but it is not until today that 2K Games voices an official confirmation. BioShock: The Collection promises to provide a good opportunity for those who have never played BioShock – one of the best modern shooter series to experience the story of human greed and madness in the context of two. Fantasy city, one lying on the seabed and one hovering in the air.

Developed by the company for all three parts of the game – Irrational Games was dissolved in early 2014, the implementation of BioShock: The Collection is now assigned to another studio, Blind Squirrel. BioShock 2’s multiplayer section will not be included in this remake, and BioShock: Infinite on PC doesn’t have any significant upgrades because of the reason: “The game still meets next-gen standards and gives quality. Beautiful images at the highest settings “- 2K Games representative said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bioshock game

After the Irrational Games studio dissolved with the departure of designer Ken Levine, many fans feared that the BioShock series would be buried in oblivion. But at least in a press conference in 2014, 2K Games CEO Mr. Strauss Zelnick confirmed that the game series will continue to grow in the future because the company sees it still has potential commercially not fully exploited.