Introducing the game Rocket League

Rocket League hot racing game is a new game combining Soccer and racing. Perhaps just by listening to it, you can imagine how the game will play out. Your only thing in every game is to control the cars that control the ball to score against the opponent’s net. Unlike the big soccer giants like Fifa or Pes who have to control players to score goals. Rocket League has their own characteristics that make players experience a whole new kind of game.

First released in 2015 by developer Psyonix, and as of 2018 there were six million sales and 40 million players. This hot racing game is a new wind to attract players and has gradually won the hearts of gamers compared to League of Legends or PUBG.

Giới thiệu về game Rocket League

The game is a competition of skill and speed between 2 teams playing each team equipped with 4 racing cars. The aim of the player is to race and knock the ball into the opponent’s goal. While playing, players will also easily encounter speed boost points to their advantage.

The strength of the game is the abundance of map systems, game modes and unlockable content. The game modes include playing solo against the computer, friends or online with other gamers. Control features are quite simple and players can create breakthrough moves. These moves are easier to do when the player is used to the buttons moving through some rounds.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rocket League

This hottest racing game in 2018 is meticulously programmed, the experience of vehicle speed and chaos during the competition are felt quite clearly. The content in the game is relatively complete, the graphics are clear and interesting for you to just play online and offline, Rocket League is a fun game with a quite strange combination of racing and soccer.

It is no coincidence that Rocket League has resonated and is the choice of gamers on such a hot combined racing game series. If you have not experienced the stressful moments in the game then try once playing the “players” to understand why the game is so addictive.






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