The best strategy game of 2016

The first day with Civilization C6, I started to experience it at 7pm. And so on and so forth. When I looked at the clock again, it was 4am. Civilization 6 is a magical game.

For many players when reading this article, perhaps the first question you are interested in is whether C6 is better than C5 and previous versions? Of course my answer is yes, it is even a step forward compared to its predecessors. The biggest and most noticeable change is that C6 has expanded the size of cities out of the territory. This expansion makes it easier for you to develop and manage your buildings.

Đánh giá Civilization VI: Tựa game chiến thuật hay nhất năm 2016

In previous versions, the map display was complicated and complicated with a series of status bars on top of each city. Imagine managing a large country that stretches across Eurasia, with numerous statuses emerging, which will make you confused and somewhat overwhelmed. Now with the current version, C6 only focuses on displaying cities and important buildings. More focused, easier on the eyes and, more importantly, easier to manage, this is definitely a worthwhile improvement for the developer Firaxis Games.

Another major change in C6 is the separation of technology trees. In the game, you will have 1 separate technology tree and own civilization tree. The technology tree is still where you research new units, improving modern technology. Whereas the civilized tree is dedicated to issues related to religion, social qualifications and civilization of citizens.

Old types of C5 technology trees such as drama, poetry, philosophy, theology will now be transferred to civilized trees in C6. This separation makes it possible for you to develop your country as you like. For example, you can develop a country that is technologically strong or you can develop a nation that is strong in culture and religion. Besides, you can also balance the two elements of government and religion to bring the best benefits to your people.


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