World of Tanks and War Thunder – Any better game

In the game world there is a genre that recreates the battlefields of motorized vehicles, giving players a very unique experience compared to the rest of the game world. For a long time, players of War Thunder and World of Tanks – 2

The typical game for this genre argued about which one is the number one. However, it is a somewhat lame comparison when the two titles in the same genre have different directions, do not overlap.

World of Tanks is an Esport game developed and published by Wargaming in 2010. The game takes place in tank battles during the period from the beginning of the First World War to the middle of the Cold War period. With 33 maps and 500 different ground combat vehicles, World of Tanks will give you a whole sky to explore.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho war thunder

Maybe many of you will think this is an unpopular game but it’s actually very popular in the international market and has a long development process.

In the game, you will control the “character” is an armored vehicle, all your actions will be within the limits of the vehicle you are controlling, not depending on reflexes like normal shooter games. Different from shooting games where players will have to watch and listen to where the opponent is, World of Tanks will give you all the conditions to capture battlefield information intuitively and quickly.

Quickly, at the same time sharing information between players. Your job is to simply grasp the situation so that together with your teammates take the appropriate method of combat.

War Thunder is a game set in the battlefield of the motorized vehicles developed by Gaijin Entertainment. If World of Tanks is recreated as Esport-style Tank matches, WarThunder has re-enacted an extremely massive, water-based and aerial battlefield in the same way that they took place in history. .

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